Administrative And Tax Law

Administrative And Tax Law

Administrative Law covers the public law rules applicable on establishment of administrative organisations and performance of their activities. These rules are different from rules of private law. While disputes under private law, wherein parties are regarded as equals in their legal relations, are resolved by judicial authorities, in case of administrative law, wherein one of the parties is the government who is naturally predominant in legal relations, disputes in administrative law are resolved by administrative jurisdiction.

Disputes originating from administrative procedures as statements made to create binding results by power of government, or administrative actions or contracts emerging in the real world without being based on any administrative decision or procedure, e.g. someone falling into a hole dug but not closed by the municipality, are resolved by administrative jurisdiction. However, disputes originating from Utility Contracts for i.e. water, waste water, power, etc., sanction actions like Some Administrative Fines and Administrative Injunctions, lawsuits filed by Authorities against private law bodies, disputes involving private law contracts of Authorities and many similar disputes are resolved by judicial courts.

The expenses required to be made to provide Public Services necessitate service providing units to have revenue streams. The rules of law regulating collection of taxes, dues, charges and similar public revenue streams by legal enforcement by central and local governments are referred to as the tax laws. In taxation relations parties include the central or local government units authorised to tax or collect taxes through tax offices on one side, and the taxpayer on the other. While monetary fines apply in case of violation of tax laws as a rule, in case the crime is in the nature of disruption of public order prison sentences may also be considered and such adjudications are handled by Criminal Courts. Crime of Tax Evasion, Crime of Practice of Private Business by the Taxpayer and Crime of Violation of Tax Privacy are crimes that carry prison sentences.

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