Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Today commerce takes place in a rapid pace of activity on the maximum area of effect. Positioned right at the heart of this tough competition environment, commercial companies have indispensable importance, and therefore their structure and activities are bound with strict rules, which intend benefits not just for the relevant shareholders, but also consumers and social units in the body of national governments.

Today, in a world where rapid and effective action is the key to maximum stability, slow and hesitant actions are the last thing to be desired. For commercial companies the road to being competitive and forging ahead is to have rapid acting decision mechanisms and implementing such decisions with the same speed.

As AkkuĊŸ Law Firm we stand ready beside our clients for all proceedings including preparation of any corporate contracts required in all personal and commercial relations, company takeovers, company mergers, company subdivisions or Commercial Corporation Suits arising in relation to commercial businesses and companies.

It should also be pointed out that joint stock companies with a main capital amount at or above 250,000 Turkish Liras are required to keep an attorney on retainer contract for legal action filing and follow up and preparation of documentation in relation to legal actions.

We provide our clients with result oriented legal support with our attorneys specialised in Corporate Law acting as both attorneys in law and legal counsellors at all stages of proceedings in and against favour of our clients, including review of Company General Assembly Decisions for legal compliance, review of Board of Directors Decisions for legal compliance, preparation of the Articles of Establishment of the Company and conduct of structural amendments required or desired on the same at any time, Commercial Company Suits arising from Company Mergers, Commercial Company Suits with Call for Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting, Partner Withdrawal Suits, Partner Removal Suits, Bank Guarantee Letter Suits, Commercial Company Suits on Collection of Partnership Share Debt, Suits on Assignment of Special Auditor for the Company, Commercial Company Suits on Capital Subscription Debt, Commercial Company Suits with Petition for Dismissal of Managers, Suits for Objection Against Distribution of Profit and Loss, Commercial Company Suits with Petition for Cancellation of General Assembly Decisions, Suits for Annulment of Valuable Papers, Commercial Name Protection Suits, Suits on Credit Arising from Commercial Relations, Company Restoration Suits, Bankruptcy Suits, Receivership Suits, Equity Determination Suits, Suits on Damage Claims Arising from Commercial Relations, other commercial suits and lawsuits related to cooperative actions.

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