Foreign Capital Investments

Foreign Capital Investments

Value of foreign capital investments continues to grow along with globalisation, and they especially become an important item in sources budget for developing countries. This demand does not only originate from developing countries, but developed countries also endeavour their source need from this channel on the assumption that they can better provide the confidence element sought by investors in comparison to developing countries.

At is core foreign capital is classified as Foreign Direct Capital Investments and Portfolio Investments. Physical investments in foreign countries made by investors in order to gain larger revenues are defined as Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), while investments in public and private sectors shares, money market instruments, bills and debt notes and derivative instrument investments are defined as Portfolio Investments (PI). These investments differ according to type of investor and purpose of investment.

The most fundamental purpose of foreign investor is to gain profits. In order to achieve their purpose to gain profits and other economic purposes foreign investors seek criteria like economic, financial and political stability in the target country, positive attitude of target country government in regard of foreign capital and private ventures, secure and easy facility for capital and profit transfer, cheap workforce, high volume market, liberal foreign trade regime, reliable rule of law and judiciary order, protection of foreign capital also against non-commercial risks, and recognition of international arbitration as a venue of judgement in case of disputes.

We provide real bodies and legal body and international entity investors with result oriented legal support with our attorneys specialised in the field of foreign investment acting as both attorneys in law and legal counsellors at all stages of foreign investments they might seek, including Greenfield Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions, Horizontal FDI, Vertical FDI, Resource Seeking FDI, Strategic Asset Seeking FDI and Portfolio Investments.

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