Leasing Contracts

Leasing Contracts

A leasing contract is an agreement establishing mutual obligations between parties regarding use and enjoyment of the benefits of a non-consumable property for a specified time or until notice, in consideration of the price the lessee undertakes to pay.

The lessor does not have to be the owner of the property in question. However, the lessor will be liable for any damages arising from failure to consign the leased property to the lessee.

Distinctions between lease contracts can be made based on whether the leased property is movable or immovable, whether it provides a product or not, or whether the leasing period is definite or indefinite.

Domicile and roofed workspace leasing contracts are among the most commonly practices leasing contract types. Here, the term domicile is defined as a space fulfilling the need of accommodation and private living of a person, and spaces like caravans, sheds, boats, etc. are also deemed as domiciles if they fulfil the need of accommodation and private living of a person. Private law provisions applicable for domiciles and roofed workspaces will also apply in regard of disputes related to leasing contracts of such spaces.

On the other hand, a workspace is defined as a space where an economic activity, a profession or a commercial activity is performed. Here, the important criterion is performance of an activity in the nature of work.

Many disputes can arise in connection with leasing contracts for domiciles and roofed workspaces, and the parties can act in violation of their obligations.

We provide our clients with result oriented legal support with our attorneys specialised in the field acting as both attorneys in law and legal counsellors in regard of lawsuits in and against the favour of our clients, including Debt Suits which are frequently filed due to unpaid rent, Suits for Rescission of Leasing Contracts, Suits for Determination of Rent Amount, Suits for Determination of Rent with Petition for Approval of Showing of Leased Property and with Petition for Alteration of Leased Property as well as Evacuation Suits.

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