Protection Of Personal Data

Protection Of Personal Data

The rapid changes in information and communication technologies and rapid spread of internet have resulted in a continuous increase in number of records made of personal information every day. In order to protect personal information relevant laws are implemented to regulate processing, deletion, removal and transfer of such data, rights of owners of data, obligations of the responsible parties, legal action venues, crimes and misdemeanours in regard of personal data, establishment, organs and activities of the personal data protection agency and exceptions in this regard.

Crimes defined on grounds of violation of Personal Data Protection rules and the prison sentences that can be adjudged for such crimes are defined under Criminal law as illegal recording, transfer or capture of personal data and failure to dispose of legally recorded data at the end of time limit defined by law. Violation of personal data protection law is penalised by administrative monetary fine.

Our law firm provide counselling services to personal data processors in regard of what they are required to do in scope of personal data protection laws.

In addition, we provide our client with result oriented services with our expert attorneys acting as attorneys at law and legal counsellors in regard of preparation of necessary petitions and submission of these to relevant authorities, being present during statement takings, acting as attorneys at law for defendant and intervening parties, filing objections against objectionable decisions against the favour, and referring to appeal venues in favour of the defendant or intervening parties.

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