Citizenship, Aliens Law And Work Permits

Citizenship, Aliens Law And Work Permits

Acquirement and forfeiture of citizenship as a legal status determining stating official relation of a body to a certain nation is handled in scope of Citizenship Law.

The rules implemented due to lack of an official citizenship relation between a country and aliens residing in that country comprises the subject of Aliens' Law. Aliens may enjoy some rights with restrictions in comparison to citizens of the country of their residence, or not enjoy some rights at all. Aliens enjoy some rights like Fundamental Rights and Freedoms equally as the citizens of that country. Nationals of a foreign country, those without nationality, refugees, immigrants, minorities, those who had citizenship but forfeited their citizenship thereafter, foreign partnerships, associations and foundations are deemed as aliens.

Work permits are issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. Types of work permit include definite work permits, indefinite work permits, independent work permits and exceptional work permits. In addition, bodies that can be assessed as high quality work force, high quality investors, researchers and scientists conducting strategically important scientific and technologic studies for Turkey, as well as athletes and artists who achieve success on international level can be issued with indefinite work permit in Turkey and their relatives can be issued with Turkuaz Card which grants them residence permit for the same period of time.

We provide our clients with result oriented legal support with our attorneys specialised in citizenship proceedings, aliens' law and work permit proceedings, acting as both attorneys in law and legal counsellors at all stages of proceedings in and against favour of our clients, including legal counselling services for real bodies and stock corporations wishing to apply for work and residence permits or citizenship in foreign countries, providing attorney in law and legal counsellor services for aliens residing in Turkey in context of disputes in Labour and Social Security Law, Criminal Law, Administration and Tax Law, Trade Law, Law of Obligations, Real Estate Law, Family, Divorce and Inheritance Law, Insurance Law, Consumer Law, Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Damages Law, Contracts Law, Leasing Law and Medical Law, application for work permits for bodies in alien status wishing to work in Turkey, referring to objection proceedings and judicial actions for bodies whose work permits are cancelled, applying to relevant authorities in regard of issues causing delays in context of civil and criminal lawsuits and administrative lawsuits and filing Cancellation Suits in this regard, applying to relevant authorities in regard of citizenship, refugee status and residence permits, filing objections against administrative decisions and filing Cancellation Suits against administrative decisions, filing lawsuits on grounds of violation of the Aliens and International Protection Law numbered 6458, filing lawsuits in regard of disputes arising in context of Real Properties of Foreign Capital Companies and Acquirement of Limited Real Rights, as well as all other disputes arising in context of aliens' law.

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