Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Involving a long process from discovery of criminal suspicion to finalisation of sentence and execution of the penalty in order to re-establish the legal peace disrupted by commitment of the offence, criminal law is most importantly distinguished from other branches of law by injunctive measures restricting freedom like detention and arrest during investigation and emergence of imprisonment and judicial fine penalties in conclusion of trial procedures. Thus, bodies becoming subject to an imprisonment judgement face the possibility of losing their freedom for extended periods of time, which necessitates a serious legal preparation and defence.

Therefore, assistance of a professional attorney who is specialised in the field of criminal law is necessary to provide an effective defence for the defendant who is accused of committing a crime in the investigation stage to the effect that the defendant has not committed a crime or that there is not sufficient evidence to support suspicion of crime to commence a public lawsuit against the defendant, or in the prosecution stage to ensure no conviction judgment is made regarding the defendant or at least to ensure any conviction judgement made regarding the defendant is at the minimum applicable level.

Similarly, services of an attorney specialised in criminal law is required to efficiently represent those affected by crime and those held materially liable.

Informatics law and violations related to protection of personal data are also handled in scope of criminal law.

Our law firm provide counselling services to personal data processors in regard of what they are required to do in scope of personal data protection laws.

We also work in informatics law in regard of blocking of access to criminal content and removal of criminal content in publications and media on the internet.

In addition, we provide our client with result oriented services with our expert attorneys acting as attorneys at law and legal counsellors in regard of preparation of necessary petitions and submission of these to relevant authorities, being present during statement takings, acting as attorneys at law for defendant and intervening parties, filing objections against objectionable decisions against the favour, and referring to appeal venues in favour of the defendant or intervening parties.

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