Damages Law

Damages Law

Damages Law, regulating indemnification damages arising in tort, handles pecuniary damages arising on material assets of bodies or non-pecuniary damages arising on the personal rights of bodies like honour, dignity, name or body due to actions of others.

In addition, while originally found as an element of Anglo-Saxon law, Turkish Law also reflects the practice of Punitive Damages applied to bodies ordering them to pay damages for purposes of punishment.

Even though it is never possible to fully indemnify consequences as death or life-long disability, Damages Law can alleviate the pain of such situation up to a point and provide people with the feeling of justice.

Bodies exposed to damage wish to recuperate their pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages through various legal processes. We provide our clients with result oriented legal support with our attorneys specialised in Damages Law acting as both attorneys in law and legal counsellors at all stages of proceedings in and against favour of our clients, including Pecuniary Damage Suits, Non-Pecuniary Damages Suits and Suits against Punitive Damage Orders.

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